Keepin' Busy

I'm a person who always is working. If I'm not teaching, I'm creating lesson plans. After completing a novel, I write a review. I create story or novel outlines. I think you helpful teaching material, then produce it. I research. I write. I bake and cook, using recipes from the internet or what I think would work. Sometimes I do projects suitable for me and my 3 yr. old to do. I like being involved in anything creative and interesting to me. Because of this, I am rarely bored.

Below are some things I've done to keep away boredom and the mundanity of life:

Using What You Have In the Kitchen 

Living on a one income salary can pull at your purse strings. Regardless, I still have people to feed. Looking around my kitchen, I frown at the almost bare cabinets and near empty refrigerator. I sigh at our only protein in the house: 3 slices of bacon. Luckily, I had decided that morning to have cereal, instead of eggs and bacon. So at least I had that.

Then my mind flashes to an old recipe my husband cooked in Berkeley. It was a no sauce pasta. [Recipe below]

"Hon, do you remember, in Berkeley, you made a no sauce pasta dish?"
"Yeah, it had some vegetables and cheese in it, didn't it?"
"I don't know. Maybe." (That's why I'm asking you. Bite down comment) "How did you do it?"
"I just used olive oil and cheese and mixed it in the noodles. Then added the rest on top."

I rushed to the stove top to boil some water. When the water had boiled, I added the spaghetti noodles and lowered the heat. As they cooked, I pan fried the bacon. Then cut them up into little pieces. I drain the noodles. Then hand-mixed grated Parmesan and olive oil with them. I separated out the portions in bowls before adding bacon to each dish then I hand mixed again. In under 15 minutes. Our big lunch was served. And it was delicious!

No Sauce Pasta Recipe

Olive Oil (Sprinkle it on, don't drown the noodles in it.)
Cheese (Any but parmesan is best.)
Cooked Noodles (any)

Hand mix. Then serve with the protein  or Cooked veggie of your choice.

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